User Agreements Svenska

The user may choose at any time to modify or terminate our processing and storage of this personal data by revoking his consent in accordance with our privacy policy. This is the easiest to use via the user`s customer center or by contacting After the revocation of the consent, Svenska Domains does not guarantee that you will be able to provide the company`s services, as some information is necessary for this purpose. Svenska Domen („Swedish Domains”) owns and operates the domain search service For (the „website”), Svenska Domunr receives the application („order”) from customers („users”) regarding domain name registration (the „Domain Name Service”). English domains also offer additional services such as messaging, web hosting, etc.m („Additional Services”) under the title „Use of Additional Services” and prices and other conditions set from time to time on the site. Domain Name Service and Additional Services are provided under the following conditions that the User accepts for the application for domain name registration and/or Additional Service ordering. A service contract is valid from the date on which Svenska Domoner accepted the user`s order and started processing, then operates with a contract term that is regulated by service and described separately under each service. If the service is not terminated no later than thirty (30) days before the expiry of the original term of the contract, the contract is extended with an additional shelf life with additional notice.

Renewal is carried out according to the standard retention period. In the event of non-cancellation of the contract as described above, the costs associated with the current extension period are collected. To cancel a subscription, this can be done in writing via the Svenska Domuner (recommended) withdrawal form, an email to the registered contact address, or a case of open support in the Kundcenter. The cancellation form can be You can also download the termination form directly here.

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