Winnipeg Jets Season Ticket Agreement

Balls, pucks and other objects can fly into the spectator space during an event. Despite public protection, there may be injuries. Stay alert at all times before, during and after the game or show. If they are affected, immediately ask an opponent for a route to a medical service. You voluntarily take responsibility for all risks and risks associated with the event for which the ticket is issued, whether before, during or after the event, and you waive any claim for infringement or death against us, management, institutions, leagues, artists, other participants and all our respective parents, related companies, agents, officers, directors, owners and employees on behalf of you and each accompanying minor. You`re taking all the risks of bad weather. The date and time of the event may change. Other liability limitations can be find in the Liability Limitation section of the Terms of Use. These are the first ten points, goal and assist score in the history of the franchise.

The numbers are updated after each NHL regular season. The Jets retained their existing uniforms when Adidas resumed production of NHL uniforms in 2017. Before the 2018/19 season, the Jets introduced their first alternative uniform, aircraft blue as the base color, as well as a new verbal „jets” sign, block letters, numbers and stripes inspired by the original 1990-96 Jets uniforms. [56] [57] Advanced Services offers you the opportunity to purchase tickets from individuals and businesses that have purchased tickets at Winnipeg Jets. These people and businesses are ticket sellers, not us or the Winnipeg Jets. Although we or the Winnipeg Jets can process your payment, or be the name you see on your credit card statement, neither we nor Winnipeg Jets are the ticket seller. If you purchase a ticket from a third party via Advanced Services, the original ticket will be automatically cancelled and invalidated, your credit card will be debited from the ticket price and all costs incurred, and a new ticket will be issued. You cannot be refunded or exchanged after the purchase of a ticket, unless it is required by law or authorized by winnipeg Jets.

The number 11 has not been spent since Rick Rypien`s death until the 2011/12 season. Jets wear stickers with the number on their helmets as part of the Project11 initiative to raise mental health awareness. June 1997 was founded as the Atlanta Thrashers and was created for the 28th time in the league during the 1999/2000 NHL season.

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