Stockholm Agreement Shipping

.3.5. the area of use and, where applicable, periodically during the year for which the certificates indicate a significant value of the wave height (hs); and the contractual governments agree to apply specific stability requirements no later than the dates set out in Annex 2. Convention on Special Stability Requirements for Ro-Ro Passenger Ships Travelling as Intended between or from Certain Ports in North-West Europe and the Baltic Sea, signature, ratification, acceptance, approval and accession in 1996 (Stockholm Treaty) 3) the deposit of the instrument of approval or accession and the date of deposit of the Agreement. Subject to all conditions of entry into force, the Secretary-General shall notify the Governments of all such States of the entry into force of the Convention. (a) unconditional signature with respect to ratification, acceptance or approval or 4.1. The ship shall be deemed to have passed if the condition was reached in the next test, in accordance with paragraph 3.3., but taking into account paragraph 4.2. below. .2 Tp is the period of hesitation of a damaged ship which, during a period of resonance, has no water carrying a given cargo but does not exceed 6 √H and γ = 1. (3) The characteristics of the movement shall be designed as a true ship, paying particular attention to the range of the ship`s turning radius during longitudinal oscillation and fluctuation above the trajectory. The center of air, availability, heel and gravity is the main damage; 1. The Swedish Government shall notify this Convention to the Secretary-General. 2.

Ratification, acceptance, approval or accession shall be effected by deposit of the instrument with the Secretary-General. . . .

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