Trump Peace Agreement With Israel

„There is no doubt that the idea of normalization with Arab countries is supported by both the left and the right,” said Dahlia Scheindlin, a Tel Aviv pollster. „The right feels it didn`t have to make concessions to the Palestinians to get it, and the left loves peace deals.” Other experts also lament that the Trump administration is not using its influence over the UAE for real peace, that is, to push to force the Emiratis and Saudis to withdraw their US-backed war efforts in Yemen. A recent New York Times report showed that State Department officials are increasingly concerned about U.S. culpability toward Yemeni civilian casualties from the Saudi-led coalition. The violence there – and the Us role in the possibility – is due to be the subject of a congressional hearing on Wednesday. The Palestinians refused to negotiate with the government and rejected the proposal out of hand. The Saudi-led war in Yemen, supported by the United States, has not wavered. Iran continues to help Yemeni Houthi rebels and, despite criling U.S. sanctions, has degenerated uranium enrichment outside the borders of the Obama-brokered nuclear deal, from which Mr. Trump withdrew in 2018. Libya, further along the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, has become a proxy war for regional and global powers. TEL AVIV — Morocco is the fourth Muslim-majority country to have normalized relations with Israel in a U.S.-brokered deal.

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